Original Composition

The first viewing of a new project is always the most exciting, because we immediately start brainstorming how to take the creator’s visual art and not just match it, but elevate it.  Real Time Studios' emphasis on the use of new technology as well as traditional recording techniques to facilitate company-wide creativity means we are dedicated to meeting any music demand head on. With talented composers, songwriters, producers, musicians, engineers, we will take your project from concept to completion without a fuss. From songwriting to full orchestral scoring, from hip-hop to folk music, we've got you covered. 

Sound Design

As a passion-filled post-production sound studio, we pride ourself not only on our extensive sound effects library, but also on our passion for custom-designing new sounds specifically for each and every project.  We, at Real Time Studios, encourage everyone on our team to constantly explore new technology and software, as well as hone their recording skills in order to widen the breadth of their sound creativity.  We cringe when we hear the same library sounds used again and again on TV and in movies.  And so, our sound design teams always strive to sincerely appreciate the unique visual art that has come across our workspace and design a new sonic world to not only compliment it, but elevate it.


Real Time Studios specialize both in traditionally recorded foley and digital foley, where we simulate the experience of a live walker by having a designer play the footsteps “live” on a keyboard.  Both methods always give your project the natural feel and gait of human performance.  We will help you to choose the right method to match your project.